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I’m 41, a Mum and a working professional. For many years I struggled with a drinking problem.
High functioning, I never missed a day at work, ran a nice home, running 10k’s and half marathons, I was well presented so I didn’t believe I could be an alcoholic. I knew I needed help and while I didn’t fit the stereotype for alcoholism and I wasn’t prepared to label myself, I wasn’t happy either…I knew something was wrong.
I found the world of sober blogging in 2012 and connected with it. Anonymous, safe and non-judgemental…it was here I found the support and information I had long been searching for. Following a year of stop/starting, dipping my toe in the sober water, I signed up for Belle’s 100 Day challenge at
It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself.
If you are struggling, you are in the right place to get help. Feel free to email me at

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Carrie, You have now been nominated for the Sunshine Award because I think your blogs are awesome! Thanks for always posting such great stuff.

  2. Great to discover this blog of yours. It resonates with me. I’m seriously and then not seriously considering how often and how much and how furtively I drink nowadays. And considering whether it’s time to show Mr Wolf the door. Thank you.

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