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Still here :)

I am three years sober today!

Though it was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life it continues to bring me more reward sand satisfaction than I ever thought possible. I am thankful and grateful every day that I found a life on the other side of a shitty alcohol addiction. 

Reading sober blogs does not feel at all like a chore but a lucky reminder of the wonderful community who just like me are either fighting or winning their own personal battle. I’ll don’t think I’ll ever shut the door to this place where I found such wonderful friendship and support. 

Being sober mostly comes naturally to me these days save the odd pang or nostalgic longing. I have my moments when I wish it could be different but it passes and I never regret not drinking!

So, if your reading this and you’re struggling or wondering if it ever gets any easier, then I can promise you that you can change and it’s not awful forever. In fact, it’s actually really ok. 

So, I’m still here and I’m all good 🙂

Love to all Carrie x

25 thoughts on “Still here :)

  1. hey Carrie! so smashing to hear from you and a HUGE congratulations on your three years! have just been re-reading some of your old posts and as ever you are an inspiration. I think of you leading the way in your inimitable and graceful style – like the lead swimmer in a synchronised team, all floral bathing caps and legs scissoring in the air 🙂

    great to hear that all is good with you – sending you masses of love! Prim xx

  2. Hi Carrie, I was so happy to read this recent blog as when I was making the decision to remove booze from my life, initially for one month (now approaching six, and not a drop has passed my lips) – your Blog was a huge inspiration and a main motivating factor in convincing me I CAN do this. But after your post in Dec 2014, I haven’t seen any more till this morning. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place? Huge congratulations on your achievement. Three years sober is amazing and it was also very reassuring to read that it has become so much easier for you now. I’m very focused and determined but feel in battle mode still and it’s a bit exhausting. Am still going through Sober Firsts (eg right now, staying for a couple of days with my sister) and I really look forward to the time when being AF is second nature.
    Having said that, it is so much easier approaching the 6 month mark, than at any point up till now”
    Congratulations again. Lovely to read your blog.

  3. Happy sober birthday Carrie!!! 3 years is such an achievement 🙂 You really helped me to become more comfortable in my sobriety as you spoke with such confidence and positivity when I met you a couple of years ago. I thought to myself “I want to be like that” and now I am, thank you. Wishing you a lovely treat filled day xx

  4. Oh how wonderful to hear from you again! We met long ago at one of Belle’s London meet ups and you were inspirational. Congratulations on your amazing three years. I have just passed two years and I totally totally echo what you say about never regretting not drinking. I could never have imagined how wonderful sober life is. Here’s to many more years xx

  5. Thank you and massive congratulations!! It definitely is good to read!! when I think I’ve done 6 months and remember back to day two thinking I’d never reach that, reading other people at 6 months saying it’s easier, different, and I thought no way. Will never be me…

  6. Well hello queen of the sober is the new black movement. I’m not too far behind you July will be my 3 years. You were and still are a great inspiration to us all. Get yourself something marrrvelous to celebrate.

  7. Three years! My hero!

    Thank you for always being a huge support and inspiration to me- I honestly couldn’t have done it without your blog, your wisdom and those emergency lattes in the dark days 🙂

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