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Dry January Ideas

Great to see some positive ideas for sober fun…I’ll be checking some of these out!

Busy preparing for my second sober Christmas. Not so daunting this time, really haven’t felt like I’m missing out at all.
I’ve had an amazing year and I couldn’t have done any of it without staying sober or without all of you!

Happy Christmas Everyone!!!

6 thoughts on “Dry January Ideas

  1. Happy Christmas, Carrie!! I am feeling a little daunted by my first sober Christmas, but I love these dry january ideas. I am looking forward to seeing the new year in sober, feels like such a positive way to start the year 🙂 I have lots of great plans for 2015 🙂 xx

    • Thanks for checking in. I’m really good thank you! Hardly ever think about drinking now…over 2.5 years!!!
      Happy, content and still in love with being sober 🙂
      Hugs for you too xx

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