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Funny Video

When Friends Stop Drinking

This video was sent to me by Steve Whiteley. It was inspired by his friend’s reaction to him going alcohol free.

I can certainly relate to some of the bizarre comments!

All good here in camp Carrie. I recently celebrated 18 months of sobriety and am pleased to report that it is still my preferred lifestyle choice!

I was very lucky to meet up with many other sober bloggers in London this week and it was just fab to connect in person with such interesting, lovely people. If you get the chance to do something similar, I would really recommend it.

Love Carrie x

10 thoughts on “Funny Video

  1. Hey Carrie, hopped over from Lucy – glad you had fun loved the video. Hugs to you. Im way behind you all on my journey but baby steps right? Happy 18 months.

  2. Hi Carrie, lovely to meet you last week.Great video!
    Congrats on 18 months, 220 days here…. best thing I ever did.
    x grá

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