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Sober Tiaras

Off to a drinks party this evening and lying in the bath thinking I don’t actually feel too bad about the fact that I can’t get excited (obsessed) about wine tonight, when up pipes Wolfie with a new one.

‘You probably won’t be invited to many festive events next year, you won’t be on the top of anyone’s guest list now you’re all sober, reserved and well, boring. No one is going to want you at their parties anymore. End of an era for this charmed party girl…’

Oh where do these thoughts come from? I was sad for a minute. Then I remembered sober is the new black and I am not going to be all dull and boring just because I am not drowning myself in alcohol. I am not going to let this knock my confidence and life is what you make it, right? I am going to fun and exciting, because work is over and it’s Christmas and I am in a good mood! I am still the same person, just a less annoying version of myself! I have always enjoyed socializing and although I admit I don’t need to be out so much now I don’t need an excuse for wine, I do still like mixing with people in a fun environment. I don’t need to behave like a shrinking violet just because I am alcohol free. I will be wearing my super invisible sparkly sober party tiara and my fuck you wolfie bracelet with it’s magic powers so it’s bound to be a good night.

I am writing this to kick myself (and Wolfie) up the butt for feeling sorry for myself and thinking that my life has changed beyond recognition. I am responsible for my own fun and I have always been a positive, outgoing person. Lots has changed, that doesn’t have to.

I used to put so much energy into just keeping it all together and trying to feed my addiction without it holding me and my life back. I own all of that energy now, it’s up to me to take it and use it positively and tonight it’s going to rock a Christmas drinks party because Sober is the new black.

Better get ready, where’s that tiara?

C x

9 thoughts on “Sober Tiaras

  1. Ha ha I was just this morning wondering if my social life would be different if I was still drinking .. and maybe I’d be invited out more…Bottom line – there will always be that point of difference with us, and maybe occasionally we don’t get invited. But even as I type this I think it’s bollocks.. nah – if we are friendly and warm people will want to be around us and if they don’t want to be around us they’re probably boozers and we wouldn’t want to be around them when they’re boozing anyway..! This is a bit waffly .. but I just wanted to say I hear ya. I hear ya and SOBER IS THE NEW BLACK BABY!! xxx

    • Yeah, I get ya!
      It’s just that we choose different parties, are more selective about the company, want different things and that can be just as cool, and different.
      But different good.
      Happy Christmas Mrs D, hope you get some rest! Xx

  2. How dare Wolfie come into a lady’s bathroom? How RUDE. Well done on kicking him out and explaining to him the error of his ways! Love the idea of re-focusing your drinking energies – I’m going to pinch that one… Hope you had a great time!

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