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Happy 100 Days to Lilly

Huge congrats to Lilly over at who is 100 Days Sober today!!!

I have known Lilly the whole time I have been sober and I couldn’t have done it without her support and friendship. She is one of those people who always takes the time to comment, reply to emails, text, and give encouragement to others in the sober blogging world.

I am so happy for her to be celebrating this goal as I know it means so much to her but I hope that she also realises that for much longer than 100 days, she has contributed, encouraged, supported, made real connections and been a true friend to so many people on here.

We love you Lilly. Celebrate, reward, be happy and move forward, you deserve it!!!!

Carrie xxxx

7 thoughts on “Happy 100 Days to Lilly

    • Hey, I’m ok thanks. Got off my arse and wrote a post which I’d be meaning to do. Was reading your six months tab last night as that is where I am at now (almost!) Really touched at where I am now. And your post about tying and tears really had me in tears. I tried to leave a comment but wordpress nearly always drops off when I comment on your site. I really ought to be more patient and comment more. Your writing really helps 🙂 thanks xx

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