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Another Friday night without wine…

Another Friday night passes sans alcohol and I have taken myself off to bed early as I am tired and there just isn’t a reason to stay up late. This doesn’t make me feel frustrated about not drinking. I waited for the boring, flat feeling to come but it didn’t.

 It is what it is, a quiet night in and I’m a bit weary. In days of old (well not that long ago) I’d have artificially injected  “fun” and substance into this Friday night via wine without any other reason other than “it’s the weekend!”

Whereas now, I will read my book in bed and catch up on the zzz’s I need. Tomorrow I will wake refreshed with a spring in my step ready to make the most of a nice Saturday with my family.

Who says I have to ruin my evening with wine and wake up even more tired tomorrow but with a headache too?! I chose not to do that anymore and now that I have stopped, I don’t know why I ever bothered.

Somedays it’s a no brainer!!

Happy weekend everyone


4 thoughts on “Another Friday night without wine…

  1. I know, right? Makes you wonder why we subjected ourselves to that insanity for far too long. Feels good to be free.

    Hope you get to run some this weekend!

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